Each state has its own professional development requirements that teachers are required to meet. Teachers are now expected to perform better in the classroom at a faster pace. In the past, a lot of certified staff would attend conferences or listen to keynote speakers to keep up with development requirements, but when school finances took a hit so did these professional development opportunities. There are limited resources available and a lot of times the cost of these resources outweighs the benefit.

Presenting, Conover U

The Conover Company has developed a simple and affordable way to put professional development opportunities back in the hands of teachers. Conover U offers online professional certification courses that can be used to earn graduate level credit.

Ease of Access

We created online, self-paced courses so that individuals can complete the lessons whenever it fits into their schedule. Life is busy enough as it is. That’s why with Conover U there’s no set agenda, but rather an open opportunity. The online course offers a variety of different lessons and assignments that are available anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Each time an individual logs in, the progress is tracked and saved so it can be completed in as many sittings as needed.

College Credit

Professional development is necessary in all careers, not only to better yourself, but to better the organization you work with. There are many opportunities for professional development, but they are only as credible as their source. Not only does The Conover Company have 30 years of experience in researching and developing our products, but we have also partnered with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

What does Conover U have to offer?

  • Professional certification
  • A professional development plan, required by some states
  • The opportunity to earn 3 graduate-level credits

Future Courses

Not only is The Conover Company the industry leader in assessments, but we are also setting the bar high with our online courses. In the near future, we are going to be developing a course which takes you through the ins and outs of our programs for the iPad and iPod touch. Our new Functional Planning and Communication Systems, along with our Functional Skills applications will be the highlight of this course. As a result, you will become more technically savvy in the classroom and become a power user of our programs. Embracing the inevitable emphasis that is being placed on technology in the classroom will allow for students to be more successful in the grand scheme of things.

Do it for Your Students

Professional development does not have to be a tedious and tiring process. Conover U makes professional development fun and stimulating. The technology and innovation that you will bring to your classroom as a result is invaluable to your student’s academic and life-long success.