Meeting or exceeding your job expectations is the best way to ensure your job security. To do so, you need to know what is expected from you in your position, and then meet those requirements as best you can. You also need to be determined and motivated to do your job well and committed to improving yourself as much as possible.

Here are five tips to help you meet and exceed expectations in your job:

  1. Know what’s expected of you
  2. Create your own high standards
  3. Be self-motivated
  4. Sharpen your skills
  5. Differentiate yourself from your peers


Know what’s expected of you

In order to exceed your job expectations, you will first have to understand the purpose of your position and the goals of your company. When you start your job, you should know right away what is expected of you. If you are unclear of your expectations, take time to discuss them in a meeting with your supervisor.

After this meeting, you want to be sure to communicate frequently with your supervisor about his or her expectations for you. This will increase the likelihood that you will exceed those expectations. Don’t wait until your first performance review to ask about what is expected of you, as this may put your job in jeopardy.

Create your own higher standards

You may be wondering, how can I work hard to actually exceed my expectations? First, consider the expectations set for you. Then, make sure that you create your own higher standards! For example, if you are expected to make 30 sales each week, set a personal goal to make 40. If you are supposed to lead four presentations each quarter, ask to lead five. Exceeding expectations in this way will get you noticed and valued quickly. It will also put you on your way to a terrific performance review.

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Be self-motivated

Employees that take the lead and invest their time and energy into work are noticed and valued quickly. They are the ones who have great performance reviews and are chosen for advancement when the opportunity arises. Here are four tips to help you show self-motivation at work:

  1. Have a great attitude. If you show a great attitude at work, even in tough situations, you exhibit self-motivation. People who do this remain calm when the going gets rough. They also set goals and are focused on achieving them.
  2. Work hard. Those who are self-motivated are often found exceeding expectations. They are usually willing to volunteer more time to their projects, and often handle tough jobs without being asked.
  3. Work as a team. It is easy to pick out the self-motivated people on a team. They are the ones who offer their ideas, keep a positive attitude, and get along with others.
  4. Get the results. People who are self-motivated set goals and meet them. They are more likely to get the results than those who are not motivated to do so. They work hard to meet deadlines and can be regularly relied on for a quality end product.

Sharpen your skills

Another part of exceeding expectations is to keep up with your professional development. So, sharpen your skills to show that you value your job and want to do the best you can. There are many things you can do to keep your professional skills up to date. Here are some ideas of ways to sharpen your skills in your position:

  • Practice problem solving skills by taking on a new or difficult task
  • Lead your next group meeting to work on communication skills
  • Meet with your mentor or supervisor and ask how you can improve your performance
  • Network, or speak with others in your field about the latest developments
  • Take a class relevant to your job or receive training in a new area
  • Read a book, article or magazine to learn more about your field

Differentiate yourself from your peers

Differentiating yourself, or making yourself stand out, from your peers will ensure that you exceed your supervisor’s expectations. After all, you want to stand out in a positive way  so you will be noticed and valued for your hard work. But, if you are trying to stand out from others while they are also trying to stand out from you, how will you ever be noticed?

The simple answer to this question is to make sure you add value to your team and its goals. While many people may be qualified for the same job, not all of them will complete the job in the same way. So, you should identify your strengths and make them characteristics on which others can depend. So, bring your own unique elements to the table and establish yourself as a valuable resource to the company. You will be sure to stand out as a star employee and be on your way to a great performance review.