The concept of video modeling is nothing new. In fact we’ve been doing it for about 30 years (I even wrote an article about it in the July 2010 issue of Exceptional Parent last year), but the iPod touch and the iPad allow us to take the concept of video modeling to a whole new level. The portability of the iPod touch allows the user to literally take thousands of videos with them wherever they go. The problem is organizing these videos in a way that makes it simple and easy to review the content when the user needs it.

That’s where Conover’s Functional Planning System comes in.

The Functional Planning System allows you to create tasks and activities and attach the appropriate media – right in the application. So when the alarm goes off to brush your teeth at 7 in the morning, the Functional Planning System automatically plays the appropriate step-by-step videos to assist the user in completing the task. It’s a revolutionary way to plan your day utilizing the power of video modeling and prompting.

Visual Planning

Our new Functional Planning System provides a visual approach to daily planning. Think of it as a cross between a video playlist and a calendar. Activities can be scheduled, and step-by-step videos prompt the user through the completion of the activity. Alarms can be set and even made to be recurring for daily tasks. Videos for many activities are already available as part of our Functional Skills System video library, which has over 4,000 images and videos to choose from. You can also use the capabilities of the iPod touch to completely customize the application for the user; the camera can be used to shoot your own pictures and videos, and you can use the built-in microphone to record your own audio.

The Ultimate Prompting Tool

The iPod touch has been a welcome advancement in assistive technology for helping individuals achieve their goals of freedom
and independence. The portability of the iPod touch opens up a whole new world of learning, whether it be at home, school, the workplace or the community. Our Functional Planning System makes it easy to prompt the learner in completing his or her daily activities, and can even be programmed to plan out his or her entire day.

The Functional Planning System is scheduled to be released in early November. Watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds for more information!