Have you ever tried to teach a class that had been cooped up inside all day? Students in a class like this are often chatty, wiggly and unfocused. To most teachers, the solution to such wiggly students is obvious. Students like these need to get outside and get moving! After they do, it’s amazing how much more they will get done and how much better they will focus in the classroom.

The same goes for teachers. Day after day, you arrive early to school to prepare your classroom and your lessons. You teach all day and, then, have after school activities to attend. You also stay late to call parents, catch up on grading or clean up that volcano experiment that exploded with vinegar all over the classroom. All of these everyday tasks pile up and you often get home late. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for you to take care of your physical fitness.

But, when you know the importance of physical wellness and make time to exercise, your brain will work better, too. And when the teacher’s brain is in top condition, it opens the door for more teaching and learning to happen in the classroom. Honing your physical wellness skills will also provide you with many other benefits, like managing your stress level and giving you more energy (something that teachers often wish they had more of!)

Now, ask yourself:

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