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One way to find a job is to look at job advertisements. A job advertisement, or job ad, is an announcement the company that is looking to fill a job opening. Job ads can be found in newspapers, on company websites or job boards. Job ads will usually give you the job title and the list what is required for the job.  This could include the skills, experience and education needed for the job. The ad will also give information about how to apply for the job or where to submit the resume and cover letter.  Sometimes there is detailed information about how the employer wants to be contacted, such as by phone, email or in person.

Here are some topics to learn more about when finding and responding to job ads:

  1. Newspaper Ads
  2. Responding to Ads
  3. Job Fairs
  4. Internet Job Boards and Job Websites
  5. Other Resources

newspaper ad

Newspaper Ads

Many newspapers have job advertisements that can be found in the classified section of the paper.  Sunday editions of a newspaper usually have a large classified section. You can sometimes also find classified job ads in daily newspapers, local community papers, and professional or trade publications in your field. If you don’t get all of these newspapers, you don’t need to go to the store to buy the latest edition of these papers. Most newspapers have online versions of the paper that have the help wanted classified ads. Usually you can apply online for jobs that you are interested in. Job ads are a good option to include in your job search plan since not all local companies in your area will want to post on major job boards or websites. 

responding to job ads

Responding to Ads

Anywhere from 50 to over 1000 people may respond to classified job ads. When you find an ad for a job that you are interested in, you want to respond to the ad with the goal of getting an interview. Since you could be competing with many other people, be sure to make your response stand out from the other responses so you get noticed. Before you respond, think about how your experience matches the needs listed for the job. When you respond, try to help them see how your background and experience are a good match for the position.

When you respond to a job ad, you will want to include a cover letter, along with the other information specifically asked for in the advertisement. The purpose of the cover letter is to quickly share some important information about you that will help get the person reviewing it to look at your resume. When you are writing your cover letter, remember the following points:

  • Explain why you’re writing, for example, say that you are replying in response to an ad.
  • Highlight your strengths and abilities for the job.
  • Don’t just repeat what is on your resume. Give more detail and examples if you can.
  • Share how and when you will follow up.

job fair

Job Fairs

Some newspapers organize job fairs for employers who advertise with them. A job fair is an event where companies have a booth staffed by people from the company who will share information about job openings, collect resumes, and screen possible candidates who attend. Some job fairs attract college students or recent graduates, and others are for specific businesses or types of jobs, such as healthcare, retail, or manufacturing.

A job fair is a great opportunity to meet employers from a lot of different companies in one place instead of having to go to each of them individually. When you go to a job fair, bring several copies of your resume with you. Be prepared to discuss your skills and experience on the resume with many different employers at the fair. Make sure that you dress and act professionally while at the fair. After the fair, follow up with employers with whom you talk. It is also a good idea to send thank-you notes to these people.

job websites

Internet Job Boards and Job Websites

Another place to find job ads or job postings is on Internet job boards or job websites.  Job boards are popular and an easy way to get your resume out there or to find many different job opportunities. The problem is that many of these job boards have gotten so big that the number of people responding to the postings is so big that your reply can get lost.  Job boards are one job search option you should consider using, but it shouldn’t be the only way you search for a job.

Another place to find jobs online is on company websites.  Many companies and organizations post their job openings right on their own websites. These can usually be found under an Employment or Career Opportunities link on the company website.


Other Resources

There are also local job centers also known as workforce development centers in most cities.  These job centers provide services to help you find a job.  There are resources to help you figure out what type of job you want. There are also resources for writing your resume and preparing for an interview. These job centers allow you to use their equipment for free.  You can use their computers, printers and copy machines for your resume and other job search needs.

Temporary Help Agencies are another place to find a job. A Temporary Help Agency is a company that helps find temporary employees for companies. The most common way to become a temporary or temp worker is to apply at a Temporary Help Agency. Temp jobs are a good way to get experience in different work environments. Temp workers get the opportunity to work in different environments and may pick up skills with each new temp job.

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