Now that you’ve covered several topics about physical wellness, it’s time to look more deeply at why your physical wellness journey is so important. After all, it sounds like a lot of work to commit to a wellness lifestyle! So, what will you get out of your commitment?  How does physical wellness change your life? How will it help you to reach your full potential and better enjoy a life? To answer these questions, you will cover the following benefits of physical wellness:

  1. Develop good posture
  2. Muscular endurance and stress
  3. Improved muscle tone
  4. Increased blood flow
  5. Protects joints
  6. Metabolism

Develop Good Posture

Posture is the position you maintain while standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture is the result of an adequate balance between flexibility and strength of muscles on opposite sides of the body (abdomen and lower back; chest and upper back, etc.). Exercise will help you maintain good posture. This is beneficial for your health in many ways. Good posture:

  • is essential for avoiding back and neck pain.
  • prevents muscle aches and muscle fatigue.
  • keeps your bones and joints in proper alignment.
  • reduces abnormal wear and tear on joint surfaces, which can lead to arthritis.
  • protects spinal joints from injury and deformity.
  • helps to open the airways and ensure proper breathing.
  • helps you make a good first impression and appear more attractive and confident.

Muscular Endurance and Stress

Muscular endurance training is an inhibiting or preventative force against stress. By working out each muscular area, you will, in time, have the stamina to endure the stress of daily living and working activities. Being in overall good condition can help you finish a long workday and still have the necessary energy for vigorous family or personal activities when you get home in the evening. This is how muscular endurance helps you with stress management and with living a longer and happier life.

Improved Muscle Tone

Strength and muscular endurance exercises improve muscle tone. If you want your body to look firm instead of flabby, and if you want to have muscle cells that burn up lots of calories, do muscular strength exercises for every different muscle grouping of the body. This will help you to feel good about the way you look and give you a boost of self-confidence.

Increased Blood Flow

Endurance training also increases blood flow. Regular muscular endurance training will increase blood flow through the muscles and produce additional capillary networks within the muscles, resulting in a more efficient transfer of nutrients to and from muscle cells. Actually, some of the pain sensations after a hard workout can be caused by this, which means the slight ache or pain is actually a symptom of greater health and should be appreciated.

Protects Joints

Muscular development protects the joints in your body. Strength and muscular endurance training protect joints, making them less susceptible to strains and other injuries that sometimes occur during exercise and sports participation. Working on muscular development in your life now can help protect your joints and reduce your risk for arthritis in the future.


Muscular endurance exercises cause enzymes to burn fat. Muscular endurance workouts consist of both frequent and long periods of exercise, with emphasis on numerous repetitions. This type of exercise stimulates twenty different enzymes to burn fatty acids within the body. This means that fat is being burned up during, and for several hours following, such exercises. Aerobic exercises also cause this enzyme process to take place. Just imagine sitting at your desk and losing weight—providing you have worked out before sitting!

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