Attitude is a feeling or way of thinking that affects your behavior.  You can choose to have a positive or a negative attitude.  The key word here is choose.  We all choose our attitudes every day. Here’s a spotlight on attitude and 5 tips for improving your attitude.

Martin Luther King Jr. displayed incredible attitude during his time as a Civil Rights Leader. For all he had to endure, MLK kept a positive attitude throughout the Civil Rights Movement. He never gave up on his dream that all races in the United States would receive equal treatment and rights.

Having a positive attitude is the most import of all soft skills.  Without a positive attitude, learning other soft skills (and technical skills) becomes much more difficult.  

Imagine having a teammate who has a bad attitude at work.  Is this teammate going to pull his or her own weight?  Probably not.  The rest of the team will have to make up for this team member’s bad attitude and lack of effort.

A manager of a medium sized manufacturing firm once said, “I can teach my employees how to do most any technical skill, but I cannot teach them how to have a positive attitude.”

Most educators and corporate trainers would agree with the manager’s statement about attitude. However, if a positive attitude cannot be taught and learned then we are stuck. The thing that most people don’t realize is that a positive attitude can be learned. Check out the infographic below for some tips.


Steps to a better attitude
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