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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever experienced a situation where a mistake was made because you weren’t adequately prepared? If so, you’re not alone. Many times when we don’t decide on and implement a plan, we experience a level of failure. The important piece here is that we learn from this common mistake of failing to plan.

Planning and organizing are essential skills for workplace success. These skills will also help you beyond the workplace by improving your personal life. You see, whether you’re working on meeting a personal goal or a professional long-term project, planning and organizing skills ensure that details aren’t overlooked and mistakes aren’t made.

When making a plan, it always helps to look at the big picture first and then break it down into smaller pieces. Think of your project as a jigsaw puzzle. Before you start to put the puzzle together, you look at the box to see the “big picture” or what it is that you’re building. Then, piece by piece you assemble the puzzle and recreate the big picture you saw on the box.

Likewise, the “big picture” as it relates to your project helps you to understand the goal of the task. From there, you can look at each small task, or “piece of the puzzle”, that will be required to reach that goal. Planning and organizing skills will help you to make sure that these parts all fit together like a puzzle.

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This series on Planning and Organizing Skills covers the following skill areas:

  1. Prioritizing

  2. Time Management

  3. Coordinating Resources

  4. Delegating

  5. Creating Systems

  6. Planning Ahead

This is the beginning of a series on planning and organizing in the workplace. If you would like to see how our program can help your students become more ready for the workplace, click the free trial link below.