As we close out 2022 and look ahead to 2023, it’s an important time for reflection. Change can seem scary, but it also provides an opportunity for growth. One area that can benefit from this is social emotional learning (SEL). SEL is the process of developing skills like self-awareness, self-management, relationship building, responsible decision making and problem solving. These skills are essential for all of us to learn as we navigate our lives. Let’s take a closer look at what makes up each of these skills.


The ability to recognize one’s own emotions and thoughts is a key element of self-awareness. Being aware of how our emotions affect our decisions and behaviors allows us to be in control of them rather than letting them control us. Developing this skill can help us make better decisions while managing our reactions in challenging situations.


Having a good understanding of one’s emotions is just the beginning when it comes to self-management. This skill involves understanding why certain feelings arise in different situations and using strategies such as breathing exercises or positive thinking to remain calm and stay focused on the task at hand. Self-management helps us manage stress levels, set achievable goals and become more resilient despite facing difficult events or circumstances.

Social Awareness

This skill refers to being aware of others’ emotions and perspectives while also recognizing how our actions may impact them positively or negatively. It involves being mindful of the effects our words or actions have on other people so that we act with respect towards their feelings as well as respect for ourselves. Social awareness is especially important when communicating with people who may have different backgrounds or beliefs than ourselves. This skill allows us to be considerate while also taking into account other points of view during conversations or debates.

Decision Making

Making responsible decisions requires weighing various options before deciding on the best course of action for both ourselves and those around us—instead of acting impulsively without considering potential consequences beforehand. Developing this skill can help us think critically about choices we make throughout life while also considering how they may impact others later down the line (such as choosing between going out with friends now versus studying for a test that’s coming up soon).

Problem Solving

Problem solving requires creativity, critical thinking skills, resilience, empathy and communication abilities—all valuable traits which help us solve issues quickly without getting overwhelmed by obstacles along the way. When faced with problems outside our comfort zone or experience level, problem solving helps us come up with solutions we wouldn’t have thought of on our own through brainstorming ideas with others who may have more knowledge or expertise in those areas than ourselves!

The new year offers a great opportunity for everyone to work on their social emotional learning skills so that they can become more confident in their ability to handle difficult situations responsibly while also developing strong relationships with those around them. Taking even small steps towards improving these skills will not only benefit you personally but will also improve your relationships with family members, friends, co-workers, classmates or anyone else you interact with regularly. With a little effort and dedication towards improving your SEL abilities this year, you’ll be amazed by how much you can grow!

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