performance reviews

So, you’ve been working at your new job for awhile. You really enjoy it and want to keep this job for the long haul. The time has come, however, for your first performance review. A performance review is a periodic assessment of how well you perform your job. Even the simple words “performance review” may make your head race and your palms sweat. You may obsess over the thought of it or worry, “What is my supervisor going to say?” or “Is she going to bring up the time I…?” or even “What if I lose my job?”

If this is your first performance review, it is important to know what you should expect. In this type of meeting, your supervisor reviews the quality of your work, your efficiency, and your attitude toward work. This usually happens one-on-one, behind closed doors. While it can sound intimidating, know that it is possible to make performance reviews a breeze. It can help to remember that most performance reviews are aimed at helping you improve your work performance. They are also important for both you and your employer to reflect on your work and review your accomplishments.

In this series, we will give you tips to prepare for performance reviews. By learning what you can do to prepare, you can increase your chances of having terrific performance reviews. Having great performance reviews will help you keep the job you love, guide you in the next steps of your career, and even determine when you will get that next raise or promotion.

Here are six tips we will discuss to help you have a great review:

  1. Exceed expectations

  2. Handle criticism well

  3. Respond to compliments

  4. Use feedback to improve performance

  5. Evaluate your own performance

  6. Make continuous improvements

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