At 9 AM, you find out your favorite baseball team signed a great player. On your lunch break, your brother calls you and tell you he lost his job. Around 4:00 PM, your coworker announces she got the promotion you’d been working late hours to try and make a case for.

Unless you’re a robot, you’re likely to encounter a range of emotional stimuli throughout the day.

In 7 hours, you’ve experienced some heavy extreme examples of joy, sorrow and anger. It’s been a busy day for you emotionally. Without any emotional control, it would have been an even busier (and definitely worse) day for you. Controlling your emotions is an important part of being able to function professionally.

In this short video, we make the case for the importance of knowing how to control your emotions. You’re always going to have them. Learning how to carry on and be thoughtful about the kind of action you take when you’re under emotional duress will only lead to success!

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