Imagine that it is the first day of school. Your classroom is clean, organized and ready for a year of teaching and learning. When your students arrive to class, however, they aren’t exactly interested in your new binder organization system or your fresh, new lesson plan. Instead, they are interested in their conversations with each other and everything that has happened over the summer. While you struggle to get control over their behavior, you stop for a split-second to decide on the proper course of action.


This is the moment where your own emotional intelligence (EQ) becomes more important than your preparation for this first day of school. Your EQ, also referred to as social-emotional learning or SEL, will determine your success–or failure–in gaining control over your classroom. This task becomes much easier when you have a high EQ and level of self-esteem.

The bottom line here is that, in order to be a confident and effective teacher, you need to have self-esteem. Without confidence in yourself, your students will take advantage of you and run all over you. They will take charge of your classroom and you won’t stand a chance. And once you begin the year like this, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to gain control back of your students. Your impressive new unit plans and lessons will go to waste, resulting in learning in your classroom to be compromised.

Don’t let these problems happen to you this school year! How can you ensure that your students won’t run all over you? How can you be the confident teacher who can gain control back of a rowdy classroom? Que our virtual training academy, ConoverU. Here, you will learn what EQ is, how you can improve your own EQ, and how to apply it to your everyday life so that it impacts you as well as your students. Above all, you will take a proactive step to ensure your success this school year.

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