The Success Profiler

Product Description

The Success Profiler is a systematic, research-based assessment and skill-building system designed for social/emotional development. It consists of 16 core assessments and over 30 related assessments separated into profiles, and contains a Skill Enhancement System with over 50 hours of interactive, online, multimedia learning activities, listening activities and post-assessments.

Digital Economy Work Habits

One thing for certain in this new digital economy is change. Employers have placed a premium on employees’ ability to be sensitive to others; to control anger; to learn new skills; to lead others; to function independently; and yet to work as part of a team to accomplish a common goal and to accept and thrive with constant change. These new workplace skills will put a premium on an individual’s ability to:

  • Possess feelings of self-worth
  • Be assertive
  • Possess awareness of others
  • Be empathetic
  • Maintain high motivation
  • Possess decision-making skills
  • Manage time efficiently
  • Sell others on an idea
  • Commit to an activity or project
  • Manage stress
  • Stay healthy
  • Avoid aggression
  • Avoid deference
  • Avoid resistance to change

All of these skills are assessed by The Personal Skills Map, the core assessment in the Success Profiler, and skill enhancements are included which focus on skill acquisition and application.

Why Social/Emotional Learning?

Social/Emotional Intelligence (SEQ) is the learned ability to identify, experience, understand, and express human emotions in healthy and productive ways. Social/emotional skills are primary factors of motivation and the gateway to lifelong learning and high levels of achievement. Research worldwide indicates that social/emotional skills are essential to learning and success in life – both in the classroom and in the workplace.

Utilizing Your Mobile Technology

More and more research is coming out that identifies emotional intelligence as the skills that really make a difference in whether an individual is successful or not. The Success Profiler is part of that broader concept. You can now take our Personal Skills Map and the skill enhancements anywhere because they work on your mobile device. Start in the office and pick up where you left off on your phone. It is that simple!


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Research-Based Effectiveness

At the core of the Success Profiler is an evidence-based assessment called the Personal Skills Map. With 143 research papers, books and masters/doctoral dissertations, a norm base of 35,000+ participants and over 9 million administrations, nothing else comes close in terms of credibility and validity.


More Information

Want to know more about how the Success Profiler works? Our PDF brochure has information on how our credits-based pricing system works, an explanation of our pre and post-assessment process and a detailed breakdown of all the different components that make up our Success Profiler program.

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