The Sensitivity program is designed to assist individuals in enhancing ability to become more sensitive to self and others by:

• Understanding how individuals relate to some of the core traits of sensitivity—The Sensitivity Map
• Providing an external (someone who knows the individual) assessment of individuals’ abilities to be sensitive to self and others—The Sensitivity Survey


The Sensitivity Map is a tool to help individuals understand how they relate to some of the core traits of sensitivity. It focuses first on individual sensitivity (intrapersonal sensitivity) and then on sensitivity to others (interpersonal sensitivity). It also provides a basic overall rating of sensitivity.

The scales are:


• SELF-ESTEEM—this scale indicates a self-perceived level of personal worth. Our research shows that this skill is the most fundamental of all the skills and relates to all major aspects of mental health and healthy personality.

• INTRAPERSONAL AWARENESS—this scale indicates individuals’ evaluations of their abilities to be aware of thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and how those thoughts, feelings, and emotions affect behavior.


• INTERPERSONAL AWARENESS—this scale indicates individuals’ evaluations of their abilities for appropriate social, emotional, and physical distance in verbal and non-verbal interactions with others.

• EMPATHY—this scale indicates individuals’ abilities to sense, understand, and accept another person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Empathy is a primary characteristic of skilled communicators. Persons with strong empathy tend to be sociable and outgoing.

• SPONTANEITY OF EMOTIONS—this scale indicates the freedom to spontaneously express emotions and feelings. These emotions could be either personal emotions or the perception of emotions from an encounter with another individual.

• INTIMATE CONTACT—this scale indicates the ability to create open, meaningful, close relationships with others. It addresses ability and comfort in developing warm, tender, personal relationships with other human beings.


• OVERALL RATING OF SENSITIVITY—this scale represents individuals’ overall perceptions of sensitivity toward self and others. Sensitivity is defined as an ability to accurately sense what others feel and think.

The Sensitivity Survey—is a 360-degree assessment. The Sensitivity Survey is an external (done by someone who knows the individual taking The Sensitivity Map well) rating system. It is intended to validate skills of persons taking The Sensitivity Map.