Functional Skills System®

A Distance Learning Tool for Your Population with Developmental Differences

Functional Skills System®

A Distance Learning Tool for Your Lower Functioning Population

Covid-19 instantly created a need for distance learning,

However under federal law, children with disabilities attending public school must receive a special course of instruction known as an Individual Education Plan, or IEP, meant to ensure they have the same learning opportunities as students without disabilities. 

Therein lies is the problem, especially for special education learners, with developmental differences.

In many districts the inability to provide distance learning for students with developmental disabilities FAPE caused all distance learning to be shut down.  The thought is that, if (Free and Appropriate Public Education) cannot be met in a district’s distance learning program for some students, then it must be shut down entirely and no students can have access to distance learning options.

The rationale for this is the belief that there are no distance learning opportunities that will work for special education students.

We at the Conover Company beg to differ.

The key to success in a distance-learning system for lower-functioning populations is consistency across both in-school and remote learning.

How We Can Help

The Functional Skills System is an online program that uses video modeling to help learners function independently in their homes, schools, communities and workplaces.

With now over 100 programs, 5,500 short videos, and hundreds of hours of instruction, it is possible to offer a comprehensive suite of programs that directly tie in to each and every student on an IEP.

Our system covers nine key topics for independent living:

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The same Functional Skills System can be accessed in school and at home and, with our new home versions, parents can give their children access to our library of over 5,500 videos for consistent drill and practice. 

For over 40 years we have been developing and marketing age-appropriate software for learners for developmental differences. In 2009 we released our first online distance learning program that could be used for on site as well as remote learning and is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device, 24/7.  

The best part is the cost: only $50/year per student for unlimited use.