Great for Federal Emergency Relief Funding or Your Regular Budget!

How Much Will it Cost Me?

Organizations purchase Conover Online Credits for $5 each which can be used to make assignments to your users. There is no cost or limit on the amount of users you have within your account. More information on our programs can be found below. The best part is, credits that you purchase will not expire until you use them to make assignments. This makes it the best use of funding!

1 Credit = $5

What are Credits?

The video below describes the concept of a “credit” and how it works inside Conover Online. Credits are used to assign different programs for individual users, allowing you the flexibility of paying only for what you actually use.

How Much Does Each Program Cost?

Uses interests to deliver hands-on exploration and academic assessments to build potential career pathways for each user.  Includes The MECA System.

x 10 credits per user/client


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    Preparing individuals for all aspects of the workplace by developing the soft skills employers want.  Includes the Workplace Readiness System.

    x 5 credits per user/client


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      A systematic, research-based assessment and skill-building system designed for self-determination and social/emotional development.  Includes Personal Responsibility and The Success Profiler.

      x 10 credits per user/client


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        Video-based life skills assessment and curriculum system to help learners achieve independence. Includes the Functional Skills System.

        x 15 credits per user/client


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          Quick Facts About Credits

          Credits Never Expire

          Once you purchase credits, they are in your account until you use them up. Credits never expire.

          Use on Any Product

          Think of Conover Online as a giant software vending machine. Credits can be used on any product.


          If you want to assign an entire program, year-long subscriptions provide access for an even better deal.

          Control Access to Credits

          You can control who has access to the credits and how many each Teacher/Administrator has access to.

          Quantity Discounts

          We offer quantity discounts when purchasing at least 1000 credits. Reducing your price per credit.

          No Minimum Purchase

          The credits-based pricing system allows Conover Online to fit into any size budget.

          How to Purchase Credits

          Purchase Online

          If you do not have a current Conover Online account, you can register for an account and purchase your credits.

          Submit a Purchase Order

          If you want to purchase Conover Online credits via a Purchase Order or have some pricing questions, please contact us.

          Request a Quote

          If you would like a little more information or want to talk to a sales representative before you purchase.

          Whether you’re in-person or still delivering remote services, you shouldn’t have to wonder if you have the best tools in place. We can help your program meet the needs of your program participants. Give your participants a clear path forward to advance in their career AND the motivation to achieve it, even if you can’t do it in person. Win back time by simplifying the assessment process and allowing you to meet your reporting requirements with the click of a button. Go from stressed out and overwhelmed to calm, confident, and in control as you put your participants in the best possible position to be successful – no matter what the future may hold.