Helping your students with soft skills so they can get and keep a job!

Online soft skills assessment and curriculum tools proven to maximize personal, career and academic success.

The Unique Challenge You Face

Students need more than the academic skills to succeed in college and careers. According to the National Soft Skills Association, 85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills. Having the technical skills may help get you a job, but how do your students keep it?

How We Can Help

Conover’s Workplace Readiness Credential™

A comprehensive system that assesses and teaches soft skills needed for getting hired and keeping a job using a series of short, engaging videos.

There are three main components that make up the Workplace Readiness Program:

1. Job Readiness Series

Covers critical soft skills employers are looking for during the hiring process.

2. Job Seeking Series

Gives the skills needed to find, apply for, interview for and accept a job.

3. Job Keeping Series

Gives the skills needed to successfully start and keep a job.

  • Throughout the Workplace Readiness Program, students’ growth will be assessed, scored and tracked. This growth will be reported in a comprehensive post-assessment.
  • Upon successful completion, a Conover Credential is awarded to each participant that can be customized with your organization’s information.
  • The entire program is online and learner-directed. Instructors have full access to progress reports and assessment scores to ensure successful completion.

Give your students a leg up in preparing for, seeking and securing the career of their future!

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