The Anger Management Program™

A research-based, assessment and training program that teaches you how to manage your anger in a positive way

The Anger Management Program™

Research-based, assessment and skill building system that teaches a positive alternative to anger by developing a healthy personality.

Our Anger Management Program provides an evidence-based assessment that is connected to a skill intervention system providing positive behavioral supports targeting the management of one’s anger. Violent behavior is often the result of stressful events that trigger the inability to control an overwhelming sense of anger. The Anger Management Program teaches a positive alternative to violence, and in turn helps to develop a healthy personality.

Below is our 3-step process to help you begin to manage your anger.

Step 1 – The Anger Management Map

The Anger Management Map is the core assessment in this program. The map looks at empathy, the ability to put oneself in someone else’s shoes. Assertion, the skill that helps people communicate effectively, honestly and appropriately is ranked, along with the opposite traits of aggression (anger) and deference (fear).

Since stress is usually the trigger for anger, stress management is assessed. The map also emphasizes the importance of change orientation, which is the degree to which you are motivated for change. This scale is a reliable predictor of the potential for success through training.

Step 2- Skill Enhancement Components

You will go through skill-enhancements after you complete The Anger Management Map. Each skill intervention contains approximately 25 short videos introducing key concepts with over five hours of online instruction, and individual & group activities. Each skill-intervention has a post-assessment at the end to measure growth.

The skill interventions include:

Empathy – covers how to sense, understand, and accept another person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Interpersonal Assertion – teaches how to effectively use direct, honest, and appropriate expression of thoughts, feelings and behaviors in dealings with others.

Stress Management – teaches how to manage stress and anxiety in a positive way.

Below is a sample of what our skill-enhancements look like:

Step 3 – Change Your Life

You will begin to understand where your individual strengths and weaknesses are when dealing with anger after using The Anger Management Program. After taking this first step, keep these results and chart your growth to apply this knowledge. Learned skills, if practiced, become habits in 21 days.

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