This program is a higher level version of our Grooming How-To Series (HTS). This Learning Activity Series (LAS) approaches the content in a way that is more suitable for advanced users, using interactive lessons based upon video modeling. In this program, users learn how to get a haircut, how to comb hair, how to shave, how to put on make-up, how to trim fingernails, and other ways to look good.

How to get a hair cut

  • Decide to get a hair cut
  • Go to the place where people cut hair
  • Decide how you want your hair cut
  • Wash your hair
  • Comb out your hair
  • Get the scissors
  • Cut the hair evenly
  • Comb out the hair when finished
  • Check your hair
  • Dry your hair with a hair dryer
  • Clean up the cut hair

How to comb your hair

  • Go to a mirror
  • Get out a comb
  • Pick up the comb
  • Put the comb in your hair
  • Pull the comb through your hair
  • Comb out all the tangles
  • Comb all of your hair
  • When finished, put the comb away
  • Comb your hair often
How to shave

  • Go to the sink
  • Get a razor, shaving cream, and a towel
  • Turn on the water
  • Put water on your face
  • Put shaving cream on your face
  • Place the razor on your face
  • Carefully pull the razor along your face
  • Don’t cut your face
  • Rinse off your face
  • Dry your face
  • Put shaving things away
  • Shave each morning

How to put on makeup

  • Go to a mirror
  • Get the makeup
  • Open the makeup
  • Put foundation on your face
  • Apply makeup to the correct area
  • Put blush on your cheeks
  • Put on eye shadow
  • Put eyeliner on your eyes
  • Put mascara on your eyelashes
  • Put lipstick on your lips
  • When finished, put the makeup away
How to trim fingernails

  • Get the nail clipper and a file
  • Place your hand over a garbage can
  • Put the nail clipper on the nail edge
  • Squeeze the nail clipper
  • Trim off the edge of the nail
  • Trim each nail
  • Push the cuticle back
  • Trim the cuticle
  • Place the file on the nail
  • Smooth the edge of the nail
  • File each nail
  • Put away the nail clipper and the file

How to put on lotion

  • Your skin feels rough and dry
  • Take out the lotion
  • Open the lotion
  • Put lotion in your hand
  • Rub lotion onto the dry area
  • Rub in the lotion
  • Put more lotion on if needed
  • Rub in all of the lotion
  • Put the lotion away

How to pluck your eyebrows

  • If there are extra hairs around the eyebrows
  • Get a tweezers
  • Go to a mirror
  • Look in the mirror
  • Put a hair into the tweezers
  • Pull out the hair
  • Pull out all of the extra hairs
  • Brush off your face
  • Put away the tweezers