First Aid 1

This program is a higher level version of our First Aid 1 How-To Series (HTS). This Learning Activity Series (LAS) approaches the content in a way that is more suitable for advanced users, using interactive lessons based upon video modeling. This program is a must for teaching the basics of self care, personal health and wellness. The areas of first aid that are included are bruise, burn, cut (not severe), dehydration, fever, food poisoning, headache, muscle strain, scrape and sprained ankle.


  • See a bruise
  • Remain Calm
  • Put ice pack on the bruise
  • Hold up arm or leg
  • Put Heat on bruise
  • If bruise is severe


  • When you see a burn
  • Remain calm
  • Put burn under cold water
  • Wash your hands
  • Cover the burn
  • Bandage the Burn
  • Make sure bandage is loose
  • If burn is bad

Cut (Not Severe)

  • Notice a cut
  • Wash your hands
  • Stop the bleeding
  • Get a bandage
  • Get correct size bandage
  • Clean the cut
  • Dry the cut
  • Unwrap bandage
  • Place bandage over cut
  • If cut is severe


  • Notice someone is dehydrated
  • Remain calm
  • Move person to shade
  • Give water
  • Rest for a while
  • If still sick go to doctor

  • See if you feel warm
  • Get a thermometer
  • Turn on thermometer
  • Put thermometer in sleeve
  • Place thermometer under tongue
  • Close your mouth
  • Wait for thermometer to beep
  • Remove the thermometer
  • Read the temperature
  • Take correct medication
  • If fever lasts more than one day
  • Put the thermometer back

Food poisoning

  • See a person with food poisoning
  • Remain calm
  • Have the person lay down
  • If vomiting turn on side
  • Seek medical help


  • Take a break
  • Rub your neck muscles
  • Take a pain reliever
  • Follow the directions
  • Take correct amount of medicine
  • Wait for medicine to work
  • If a headache is severe

Muscle Strain

  • Remain calm
  • Rest the muscles
  • Apply an ice pack
  • Apply heat
  • Massage muscle strain
  • Hold strained area above heart
  • If pain or swelling continues

  • Keep Calm
  • Wash hands
  • Wash the scrape
  • Stop Bleeding
  • Trim Skin
  • Apply Cream to Scrape
  • Cover with bandage
  • Use ice pack
  • If it hurts use pain reliever
  • If scrape is severe

Sprained Ankle

  • Notice ankle sprain
  • Place ice on sprain
  • Apply support to sprain
  • Keep ankle higher than heart
  • Apply heat to ankle
  • If the sprain is severe

Weigh yourself

  • Find a scale
  • Stand in front of scale
  • Step onto the scale
  • Read your weight
  • Remember your weight