Getting Around the Community

This How To Series program is a companion to our Public Transportation Signs and Words program. The topics covered are taking a walk, crossing the street with a signal, crossing the street without a signal, asking for directions, following directions, riding a bicycle, riding in a car or van, using an elevator and using an escalator.


Take a Walk

  • Plan your route
  • Wear proper clothing
  • Don’t go out in bad weather
  • Bring the things you need
  • Walk with a friend
  • Begin walking
  • Use sidewalks
  • Use crosswalks
  • Use signals
  • Watch out for cars and bikes
  • If lost, ask for assistance
  • Arrive at place

Cross the Street With a Signal

  • Walk Up To Crosswalk
  • Check For Signal
  • Don’t Walk Sign
  • Walk Sign
  • Look For Cars
  • Listen For Cars
  • When It Is Safe
  • Watch for Traffic While Crossing
  • Stay in the Crosswalk
  • Step up on the Curb

Cross the Street Without a Signal

  • Walk Up to the Crosswalk
  • Be sure that the street is clear
  • Listen For Cars
  • When It Is Safe, Step On To The Street
  • Watch for Traffic While Crossing
  • Stay in the Crosswalk
  • Step up on the Curb

Ask for Directions

  • Know where you want to go
  • Realize you are lost
  • Find someone nearby
  • Ask if they can help
  • Tell about place
  • Listen to directions
  • Write down directions
  • Ask them to repeat the directions
  • Repeat the directions
  • Thank the person
  • Follow the directions

Follow Directions

  • Know where you are going
  • Review all the steps
  • Turn right at corner
  • Go down one block
  • Arrive at Address
  • Go up Escalator
  • Arrive at destination

Ride a Bicycle

  • Plan your route
  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear bright clothing
  • Use a bike that fits you
  • Check bike tires
  • Check bike brakes
  • Get on the bike
  • Obey traffic signs
  • Use hand signals
  • Keep to the right
  • Look behind you before making a turn
  • Use bike trails
  • Walk your bike across busy streets
  • Ride single file
  • Never bike at night
  • Use a lock

Ride in a car or van

  • Know when and where you want to go
  • Arrange for a ride
  • Remember your date and time
  • Be ready five minutes early
  • Bring your belongings
  • When getting in watch out for cars
  • Open door
  • Sit in car
  • Close door
  • Fasten seat belt
  • Get out of Car
  • Thank driver
  • Arrange time and place to be picked up

Use an Elevator

  • Find Elevator
  • Push up or down button
  • Stand Back
  • Wait your Turn
  • Enter Elevator
  • Push button to choose floor
  • Move back
  • Watch for your floor
  • Wait for your floor
  • Elevator door opens
  • Carefully step off

Use an Escalator

  • Find escalator
  • Find up or down
  • Wait for your turn
  • Carefully step on
  • Stand on the step
  • Hold handrail
  • Look ahead
  • Move over to let others pass
  • Carefully step off