Communication Skills

Effective communication goes far beyond the verbal aspect of the conversation. This program teaches critical communication skills. Topics include:

  • NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION such as facial expressions, eye gaze,touch, gestures and physical appearance
  • LISTENING SKILLS such as eye contact, pay attention and don’t interrupt
  • VERBAL-SPEAKING such as look at person, think before speaking, and tone of voice.


Non-Verbal Communication

  • Facial Expressions
  • Eye Contact
  • Touch
  • Gestures
  • Physical Appearance


  • Stop and Listen
  • Eye Contact
  • Pay Attention
  • Don’t Interrupt
  • Get Main Ideas
  • Ask Questions
  • Understand Feelings
  • Restate Content
  • Avoid Judgments


  • Think Before Speaking
  • Look At Person
  • Tone Of Voice
  • Speak Slowly
  • Speak Loudly Enough
  • Speak Complete Thoughts
  • Read Reaction
  • Clarify
  • Ask For Feedback

Answering the Door

  • Hear Doorbell Ring
  • Ask Who Is There
  • Look To See Who It Is
  • When Safe – Unlock And Open Door
  • Greet Person At Door
  • Ask Why They Have Come
  • Listen To What They Have To Say
  • Decide Whether Or Not You Want Them To Come In
  • Invite Them In
  • Close And Lock Door

Answering a Telephone

  • Phone Rings
  • Say “Hello”
  • Say Your Name
  • Say “How Can I Help You?”
  • Answer the Caller’s Questions
  • Write Down Information
  • Say “Goodbye”
  • Hang Up
  • Don’t Answer Personal Questions
  • Don’t Buy Things From Strangers

Calling On a Telephone

  • Look Up Number
  • Dial The Correct Number
  • Say “Hello”
  • Speak Clearly
  • Say “May I Speak To…?”
  • When Person Answers Say “Hello”
  • Say “How Are You?”
  • State Your Business
  • Write Down Information
  • Say “Goodbye” And Hang Up
  • Don’t Talk Too Long
  • Don’t Call Too Early Or Late
  • Don’t Be Rude

Making An Appointment By Telephone

  • Look Up The Phone Number
  • Dial Correct Number
  • Say “Hello”
  • Say You Want to Make an Appointment
  • Ask For Available Days
  • Decide On Date And Time
  • Give Your Name
  • Give Your Phone Number
  • Write Down Place, Date, and Time
  • Confirm Date And Time
  • Say “Thank You”
  • Hang Up