Commitment Ethic

Commitment Ethic teaches individuals the importance of following through. This program is full of tips to improve commitment, achieve goals and experience success. Topics covered are: What is Commitment Ethic?, Why Commitment Ethic?, How to Develop a Commitment Ethic, Improving Commitment Ethic, Benefits of Commitment Ethic.

  • What is Commitment Ethic?
  • Commitment Ethic is believing that you must work to meet a goal until it is achieved
  • Example of someone without commitment ethic
  • Example of someone with commitment ethic
  • Why Commitment Ethic?
  • Commitment ethic helps you achieve goals and experience success
  • Example of someone who doesn’t achieve goals
  • Example of someone who achieves goals
  • How to Develop a Commitment Ethic
  • Practice by starting out with small commitments
  • Example of someone who is overwhelmed with a large commitment
  • Example of someone who starts out with small commitments
  • Improving Commitment Ethic
  • Use positive self-talk
  • Develop positive habits
  • Reward yourself
  • Benefits of Commitment Ethic