11 Essential Social and Emotional Competencies Your Students Need

Social and emotional learning (SEL) has gained a lot of attention over the last several years and the pandemic has only heightened everyone’s awareness of the need for these crucial competencies. We’ve been helping schools and other organizations assess and teach these skills with seamless integration into the classroom for over 40 years.

This video series is just a small snippet of what we do, but we want you to be able to use this in your classroom, workshops or even as a parent with your son or daughter to help them understand what these skills are and why they’re important. We will cover 11 competencies that are proven to increase grades, retention and help eliminate negative behaviors.


Discussion Questions

  1. What do we mean by our ‘inner voice’?
  2. Is it possible to change your inner voice?

Interpersonal Assertion

Discussion Questions

  1. What is this video an example of?
  2. Why is this important?
  3. Explain this statement. “If you notice that people avoid or stay away from you, that is a sign that you need to change.”

Interpersonal Awareness

Discussion Questions

  1. What happened in this video?
  2. Have you ever been in a similar situation?


Discussion Questions

  1. Why should you start trusting people with little things?
  2. Shouldn’t you start out trusting people with something important and big? Yes/no? Why or why not?

Drive Strength/Motivation

Discussion Questions

  1. What’s the point of this video?
  2. Are you a positive and/or motivating person? Explain.

Decision Making

Discussion Questions

Collection Plan:

  1. Make a written plan
  2. Identify Information that is still needed
  3. Identify potential sources of information
  4. List who should be contacted

Time Management

Discussion Questions

  1. What does this video teach about goal setting?
  2. Start thinking about your goals. Which of the following areas of your life do you have an interest in writing for? Check all that apply:
    • School
    • Job/Career
    • Relationships
    • Health
    • Recreation
    • Travel
    • Community
    • Financial
    • Spiritual
  3. Start writing.

Sales Orientation/Leadership

Discussion Questions

  1. What is participative leadership?
  2. What did the video show about participative leadership?

Commitment Ethic

Discussion Questions

  1. Tell about a time when you gave your word to someone that you would do something and then you did not complete it?
  2. How did you feel afterwards? Did it make you feel like you let someone down?
  3. Describe a time that you followed through with something. How did you feel afterwards?

Stress Management

Discussion Questions

  1. Explain the fight vs. flight response.
  2. What are some things that cause stress in your life?

Physical Wellness

Discussion Questions

  1. Describe what happened in this video. Below is a list of potential wellness partners:
    • Friend
    • Coworker
    • parent 
    • Personal trainer
    • Sibling

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