Which level of the Functional Skills System is right for you?

The Functional Skills System uses video modeling to help learners function independently in their homes, schools, communities and workplaces. The following features are available in ALL versions of the Functional Skills System:

  • Access to over 5,500 full-motion videos

  • Over 100 program areas covering essential life, literacy, work, and social skills

  • Accessible from any internet-connected device (computer, tablet, smartphone)

  • New content added regularly and available at no additional cost

  • Works with assistive technology and is accessible for non-readers

There are 3 versions of the Functional Skills System available:

  1. Life Skills Academy – Individual access designed for people who just want access to the comprehensive video library.
  2. Conover Resources – Great for instructors who want to use our video library as the basis for their classroom group curriculum.
  3. Functional Skills in Conover Online – A comprehensive life skills assessment and skill-building system with advanced management system features for organizations that want a user-driver curriculum and need data for program accountability.

Here’s a breakdown of the features that are available in each version:

Life Skills Academy
$4/month or $50/year per User
Life Skills Resources
$39/month or $399/year per Administrator
Conover Online
~$75/year per User
Individual Access to Program X X
Subtitles on all videos X X
Administrator Access for Use with Their Classroom or Group X X
Printable tracking sheets for group instruction X
Printable PDF course workbooks designed for group instruction X
On-Call Technical Phone Support Included X
Webinar-Based Technical Training Provided X
Additional Library of Supplemental Instructional PDF Materials X
User-Driven Assessments(Uses Audio and Visual Discrimination) X
Program Management & Delivery Tools for Distance Learning X
Comprehensive Data Reporting for Program Accountability X