Introducing two programs; one for higher functioning and one for lower function participants. The same great content in two entirely different formats.

Why a Conover CredentialTM and Certificate?

In your program, you may have participants with a variety of ability levels. As a result, you need flexibility in your programming to address these varying ability levels.

We have a solution to help you address the needs of all your program participants.

What is the difference between a Credential and Certificate?

Conover CredentialTM

Conover Certificate

  • 4-5 grade listening/reading level
  • Full audio
  • Short 30 second videos
  • Text enlarger
  • Closed captioned
  • Covers same topics as our credential
  • Simplified format
  • 2-3 grade listening/comprehension level
  • No reading required
  • Full audio
  • Short 30 second videos
  • Wrong answer feedback
  • Text enlarger
  • Closed captioned

We are proud to offer a Conover CredentialTM and Certificate to successful participants in each of the following areas:

  • Life Skills: Functional Skills SystemTM
  • Career Planning: MECA® (Microcomputer Evaluation of Careers and Academics)

  • Workplace Readiness: Job Readiness

  • Social/Emotional Development: Success Profiler®

  • Goal Setting: Personal Responsibility — Achieving Academic and Career GoalsTM

  • Financial Literacy: Financial Success System

Participants can earn a credential in any of these areas, as well as all five combined.

Guide to CARES Act Funding

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