This program is a higher level version of our Dress How-To Series (HTS). This Learning Activity Series (LAS) approaches the content in a way that is more suitable for advanced users, using interactive lessons based upon video modeling. In Dress, users learn how to dress appropriately. Topics include how to get ready for the day, how to tie your shoes, how to wear clean clothes, and how to wash and dry clothes.

How to dress appropriately

  • Know your activities for the day
  • Know the weather
  • If going to work
  • Wear a collared shirt, dress pants, or uniform
  • If it is cold out
  • Wear a jacket, gloves, and hat
  • If it is warm out
  • Wear shorts and a thin shirt
  • If going to a party
  • Dress up for the party
  • If playing outside
  • Do not wear good clothes
  • If the sun is out
  • Wear sunglasses or a hat
  • If going to bed
  • Wear pajamas
  • If going to school
  • Put on a shirt, pants, socks, and shoes

How to get ready for the day

  • You need to put on clothes
  • First put on underwear
  • Put on socks
  • Put on a shirt
  • Put on pants
  • Put on a belt
  • If it is cold, put on a jacket
  • Put on your shoes
  • Gather your belongings for the day
  • Leave for the day

How to tie your shoes

  • Pick out the shoes you will wear
  • Sit down
  • Put your socks on
  • Put your shoes on your feet
  • Pick one shoe to tie first
  • Hold the left lace with your left hand
  • Twist the right lace around the left lace
  • Pull the laces tight with both hands
  • Make a loop with the right lace
  • Put the loop in the other hand
  • Bring the lace not in a loop around the looped lace
  • Make the lace without a loop into a loop
  • Hold onto the new loop
  • Then pull both loops tight
  • Do the same for the other shoe
  • Now you are ready

How to wear clean clothes

  • Do not wear dirty clothes
  • You need to change your clothes
  • Go to the drawers where your clean clothes are
  • Pick out clean clothes
  • Change from dirty clothes to clean clothes
  • Put dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket
  • Wear clean clothes each day
How to wash clothes

  • Put all the dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  • Carry the laundry basket to the washing machine
  • Put items that are light or dark colors together
  • Put all the towels together
  • Put dark clothes together
  • Put white and light colored clothes together
  • Open washing machine lid
  • Put one group of clothes into the washer
  • Measure the soap
  • Pour the soap into the washing machine
  • Close the lid
  • Select the cycle
  • Press start
  • Come back when the load is finished washing

How to dry clothes

  • Clean the lint trap
  • Take the clothes out of the washer
  • Put the clothes in the dryer
  • Set the time
  • Press start
  • When finished drying, take the clothes out
  • Iron the clothes
  • Fold the clothes or hang them up
  • Put the clothes away