MECA Career Areas – Standard Edition

MECA Career Areas are grouped by “Career Clusters”. For example, as shown below, “Agriculture & Natural Resources” is a Career Cluster and “Commercial Fishing” and “Horticulture” are the MECA Career Areas within that cluster.

“WS” means a Work Sample is offered for that career area.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Commercial Fishing
Horticulture (WS)

Architecture & Construction

Building Maintenance (WS)
Construction Technology (WS)
Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (WS)
Telecommunications (WS)

Arts, Media Technology & Communications

Computer Graphics (WS)
Digital Video Producer (WS)
Graphic Design (WS)
Multimedia Designer
Performing Artist

Business, Management & Administration

Office Technology (WS)

Education & Training

Teacher Aide

Finance & Insurance


Government & Public Administration

Case Aide

Health Science

Dietetic Technician
Health Care (WS)
Home Health Aide
Medical/Dental Assistant
Medical Laboratory Technician
Medical Records Technician
Physical/Occupational Therapist Assistant
Radiologic Technician
Veterinary Assistant/Technician

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

Cosmetology (WS)
Custodial Housekeeping (WS)
Fast Foods Worker
Food Service (WS)
Professional Athlete

Human Service

Day Care Worker

Information Technology

Computer Applications (WS)
Vending Machine Operator

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

Emergency Medical Technician
Police Officer
Security Guard


Automotive Technology (WS)
Electronics (WS)
Manufacturing Fabrication & Assembly (WS)
Manufacturing Small Parts Assembly (WS)
Quality Assurance
Small Engines (WS)

Marketing, Sales & Service

Customer Service Representative
Sales (WS)

Scientific Research, Engineering & Mathematics

Computer-Aided Design (WS)
Environmental Technician

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Distribution/Warehouse (WS)
Postal Worker
Taxi Driver
Truck Driver