MECA Career Areas – Adapted Edition

MECA Career Areas are grouped by “Career Clusters”. For example, as shown below, “Agriculture & Natural Resources” is a Career Cluster and “Commercial Fishing” and “Horticulture” are the MECA Career Areas within that cluster.

“WS” means a Work Sample is offered for that career area.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Horticulture (WS)

Architecture & Construction

Construction Technology (WS)
Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (WS)

Business, Management & Administration

Office Technology (WS)

Health Science

Health Care (WS)

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

Cosmetology (WS)
Custodial Housekeeping (WS)
Food Service (WS)


Automotive Technology (WS)
Manufacturing Fabrication & Assembly (WS)
Manufacturing Small Parts Assembly (WS)

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Distribution/Warehouse (WS)