MECA System

(Microcomputer Evaluation of Careers and Academics)

Career Exploration & Assessment

Adapted Edition

The MECA System is a comprehensive career system that includes interest assessment, career exploration, job-related academic assessment, and career planning. This research-based approach for career exploration and assessment helps users to create appropriate post-secondary goals and a path to achieve those goals. The MECA System includes four components that are independent yet related.

How does it work?

Component 1 – Interest Indicator (assessment)

The user starts by taking an assessment called the Interest Indicator to identify potential careers that align with their interests and likes and dislikes of general everyday activities (this assessment is particularly useful for individuals with little to no work experience). View list of available career areas

Interest Indicator Assessment

Interest Indicator Report

Components 2, 3 and 4 – Work Samples, Learning Assessment Programs and Career Planners

Based on the results of the Interest Indicator, Conover Online automatically assigns recommended career areas to the user according to their assessed interests. Users then complete the following components for each recommended career area: Work Sample, Learning Assessment Program and Career Planner.

Work Samples

Work Samples are hands-on activities that allow users to try out careers by simulating actual on the job experiences, but in a low-risk and low-stress environment. Learn more about details Work Samples (Note: not all Work Samples shown are included in the Adapted Edition)

Note: Your organization may or may not have access to Work Samples as they are sold separately and offered for select career areas only. Contact us for a quote if you are interested in purchasing Work Samples.

Watch a Work Sample in action

Note: The Work Sample demo video below is to show how Work Samples are used in general. The specific MECA Career Area in the video (Small Engines) is not one of the Work Samples for the Lower-Functioning Edition.

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Learning Assessment Programs (LAPs)

Learning Assessment Programs assess academic math, reading and science skills needed to succeed in a career area. This helps the user see how their academic skills connect to the real world for the careers in which they are interested. The user takes the assessment and the results provide insight for the user and their administrator to understand where the user is meeting or not meeting the academic skills required for a career area. The results of this assessment help the administrator recognize which academic skills the user needs to improve to succeed in that career area and the administrator can provide interventions and resources to help the user bridge the gap in their skills.

Learning Assessment Program Assessment

Learning Assessment Program Report

Career Planner

Career Planners help users learn occupational information about specific career paths and plan a career path considering factors such as job requirements, working conditions, average wages/salary and more. Users also submit how they feel about what they learned, whether the career would be a good fit for them and how they would pursue that career.

Career Planner

Career Planner Report