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Measuring the risk of violence is the first step to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy school environment. Conover’s Violence Prevention Program is an online assessment tool for measuring the risk of violence in an organization by assessing key cultural, emotional and physical components of the entire system (students, faculty, parents), specific individuals, or both. Check it out below.

Conover’s Violence Prevention Program

Do not fear the unknown.

The Violence Prevention Program provides an honest and critical look at your current school culture, environment and facilities. The results of our assessments are eye opening and not always the easiest to accept, however this information is one of the first steps toward improvement.

A safe school for you and your community.

Our team partners with schools every day to assess their needs and reach their goals. Let’s work together to make schools a safer place where all students can thrive. Contact us for more information or let us know if there is someone you would like us to reach out to with more information.

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