What is Conover Online?

Conover Online is an online learning platform that both assesses and teaches essential life skills to your users.

Conover offers 3 main solutions:

Independent Living Skills

Career Exploration and Assessment

Emotional Intelligence


Conover Online is built on the foundation of using assessments to measure user growth and achievement. Our reports allow you to see how see how a user is progressing and provides real-time data such as time-on-task and much more to meet all reporting requirements to help you have evidence of user success. Conover Online automatically:

  • Administers and scores assessments
  • Assigns targeted skill building units
  • Records progress
  • Deliver reports on all user activity

Who is Conover Online for?

Conover offers two editions of our content to meet the needs of users of various abilities.

Standard Edition

Appropriate for most users.

Adapted Edition

Appropriate for users who have special learning challenges such as cognitive disabilities, lower-level reading comprehension, etc.

How is the content delivered?

Conover Online programs are self-paced and primarily use video-modeling to teach concepts. Our platform is web-based and can be used on a computer/laptop, tablet or smartphone and can be used in-person, virtually or both.

Why Conover?

Our researched-based programs are proven to increase grades and retention as well as proactively address and improve mental health.

We offer live in-app support with an average response time of less than 5 minutes.

Conover Online is designed to help users thrive in all areas of their lives by assessing, teaching and measuring growth of crucial life skills without adding to your workload.

What skills can users be assessed on and learn with Conover?

Learn about programs Conover Online offers by using our Overview Guide.