Need to use end of year funding? Spend it wisely wisely on Conover credits that never expire!

Pricing for Conover Online

How does it work?

Conover Online is a credit-based platform. An organization purchases “credits” and then staff members of that organization can use those credits to assign any Conover program(s) to the individuals the organization works with.

Why does Conover use credits?

Our credit model gives customers more control to maximize flexibility and reduce waste of resources. Benefits of using credits include:

Credits Never Expire

Once you purchase credits, they remain in your account until they are used.

Use on Any Program

Credits give you flexibility to use any Conover program(s).

Control Credits via Delegation

You can delegate credits to control how many credits your staff can use.

No Minimum Purchase

Our credit-based model and pricing allows any size budget to use Conover Online.

How much does a credit cost?

To learn about pricing, select the Conover Online version that is appropriate for your organization:

For schools, universities, non-profits and government agencies.

For corporations and businesses.