Functional Skills System

Independent Living Skills

What is this program?

The Functional Skills System is a robust video modeling system that shows and teaches users to become increasingly independent. Sometimes a task that appears basic to one person can be challenging for others. The Functional Skills System provides clear, straight-forward information on a wide-range of everyday life topics to help individuals with learning challenges to function independently in their homes, schools, communities, and workplaces.

Skills assessed and taught:

  • Health Skills

  • Life Skills

  • Literacy Skills

  • Math Skills

  • Safety Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Transportation Skills

  • Work Skills

  • Social and Emotional Learning for Low-Functioning Individuals

How does it work?

A user is assigned skill building units to work on by their administrators (the staff member who is in charge of the user). There is also an assessment the administrators can take to automatically recommend units for a user.

The user begins a unit which includes short instructional videos using video-modeling with real people (not cartoons or animation) to teach the user a concept and then the user is assessed on their understanding of the concept. Conover Online provides reports that measures how the user performed.

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