Bullying Prevention

Emotional Intelligence

Standard Edition

The Bullying Prevention program teaches how to develop a healthy, emotionally competent personality with needs met outside of the bullying process. This program addresses both sides of the process, looking at the bully or giver as well as the target or receiver.

How does it work?

The Conover Online 3-Step Process

Step 1 – Pre-Assessment

The user takes a pre-assessment called the Bullying Prevention Map to measure their current abilities.

The results of the Bullying Prevention Map show which skills the user has a high level of competency in already and those skills that need improvement.

Step 2 – Skill Building Units

For the skills that need improvement, skill building units are automatically assigned to the user to provide targeted instruction to help them improve those skills.

Sample Skill Building Unit

Step 3 – Measure Growth

Once a user completes a skill building unit, the user takes a post-assessment to remeasure that skill in order to track improvement of their skills.