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The Power of Video Modeling

All of Conover’s mobile applications are built around the concept of video-modeling. We’ve been developing instructional videos as part of our Functional Skills System for over 15 years, and have a video library of over 4,500 videos to choose from.fps-ipod

Our newest applications also tap into the inherent ability of the iPad and iPod touch to allow the user to record their own videos right in the application for self-video modeling, making the process of generalizing the concepts much more efficient.

Functional Communication

The Functional Communication System is the first fully-customizable, video-based communication tool for the iPad. It utilizes high-definition pictures, audio and video taken from the real world using the camera on the iPad, which allows for quicker generalization of the content.

Press and hold on any item in the Functional Communication System, and you can pull up video for that item on your board. This video capability opens new doors in communication by customizing the app to reflect the user’s world.
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Functional Planning

The Functional Planning System is the first fully-customizable, video-based planning and prompting tool and provides a visual approach to daily planning. Utilizing video modeling, the Functional Planning System can be used to plan out a user’s entire day.

video-modelingThink of it as a cross between a video playlist and a calendar. Activities can be scheduled, and step-by-step videos prompt the user through the completion of the activity. Alarms can be set and even made to be recurring for daily tasks.
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