Mobile Technology

anytime-anywhereConover Online is a state-of-the-art assessment and skill building system developed using HTML5 and Ruby on Rails. The result is that the entire Conover Online system can be run on any computer or mobile device without installation or setup. By removing the limitations of traditional software systems, Conover Online gives you convenient cloud-based access to our research-based assessment and skill building systems wherever you are.

Cloud-Based Convenience

Once an assignment is made, users have access to that assignment until they fully complete the unit. Because the entire program is cloud-based, it will save user progress when they exit and pick up right where they left off when they log back in – even if it’s on a different computer or device.

Data Management Made Easy

All assessments and curriculum are electronically integrated into our comprehensive Conover Online management system. This allows for a seamless program integration and eliminates the expensive and time-consuming activities of scoring and reporting results. Because Conover Online is a cloud-based system, program accountability is electronically built into the system. Conover Online gives you usage and performance analytics, real-time data tracking, and program management tools to improve productivity and comply with federal and state reporting requirements anytime, anywhere!

Built-in Accessibility

Because Conover Online is developed using the latest web standards, it is compatible out-of-the-box with most assistive technologies and devices. If your assistive device is compatible with an internet browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or even Internet Explorer, then Conover Online is automatically supported. There’s no need to install anything, and there’s no need to configure your hardware or software to work with our cloud-based application.

Mobile Applications

In addition to the Conover Online assessment & skill building system, we also have iOS applications for the iPad and iPod touch. These apps are designed to supplement the user’s Conover Online experience and apply the knowledge and skills learned there in a real-life setting. The applications can be used standalone or be tied to the Conover Online management system to manage the user’s content and track usage statistics. Learn more about mobile apps

Lab Packages

We also offer iPod and iPad Lab Packages as a turnkey solution for assessing and teaching independent livings skills using mobile technology. The Lab Packages include the mobile devices, a sync cart/case, credits for our Conover Online system and a laptop computer to manage it all. Everything is set up for you before it leaves our office, meaning everything is ready to go right out of the box – no setup required! Learn more about Lab Packages