Conover Online Training Webinar Recordings

Each Conover Online training webinar recording that we have done in the past is listed below. We update each webinar to ensure the most recent recording is available if we do a training more than once.

Conover Online Training Webinars

Workplace Readiness

A research-based soft skills assessment and training system to better prepare individuals for the workplace.

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The Success Profiler

Research-based, assessment and skill-building system designed for social & emotional intelligence.

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Personal Responsibility

Research-based, assessment and skill-building system designed for goal setting and goal achievement.

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Anger Management

Research-based, assessment and skill building system that teaches a positive alternative to anger by developing a healthy personality.

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Bullying Prevention

Research-based, assessment and skill building system that teaches how to develop an emotionally competent personality.

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Anxiety Management

Research-based, assessment and skill building system for managing anxiety through learning self-control, managing stress and improving physical wellness.

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A career exploration, career assessment and vocational assessment system related to training, education and employment. MECA is also a popular maker education system connecting hands-on projects to applied academics.

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Functional Skills System

Provides clear, straight-forward information to help learners function
independently in their homes, schools, communities and workplaces. This program is perfect for anyone trying to become functionally independent in our society.

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Using Conover Online for Today and for Future Planning

We will help you understand how you can use Conover Online to deliver our various programs to your participants both in-person and and virtually when things start to open back up.

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Quick Facts and Features

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Live Support & Training

Comprehensive Reports

Self-paced, User Directed Learning

Monitor with Viewer Accounts

No Reading Required (full audio)

Designed in HTML5

No Installation/Setup Required

Why Conover Online Works

1. Conover Online quickly and accurately assesses the needs of the individuals you work with.

2. The management systems analyzes the data and identifies the areas of need for each person in your program.

3. Each individual receives a custom success plan tailored to his or her specific needs, which Conover Online automatically delivers.

4. Your program participants get the skills they need to be successful and you look like a genius.

Please visit our knowledge-base for more information on Conover Online and how to use it.

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