A professional development webinar series to assess and teach emotional intelligence to reduce stress and help you handle your emotions for improved performance both at work and in your personal life.

Working on emotional intelligence professional development

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EQ Workshop

Are you an administrator or manager with 20+ staff? Please contact us for quantity discounts.

What You Get:

  • An evidence-based emotional intelligence assessment.
  • Results and explanation specific to your scores.
  • All 11 EQ learning modules with integrated lessons.
  • Lifetime access to review webinar course content.
  • Certificate to be used for professional development credit.
  • The ability to identify, explain, understand and express your emotions in a healthier way.

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It has been an extremely difficult year. Stress, anxiety, fear and worry were at all time highs and many people are exhausted. It's time to replenish yourself and reduce stress, diminish anxiety and eliminate fear and worry by learning how to handle emotions in healthy and productive ways. This can not only help your mental health, but it will ultimately help your students when the 21-22 school year starts.

This three-part webinar series is going to expand your sense of what's possible in your career. From basic emotional intelligence principles to helping you put your emotions to work for you, we're going to give you all the tools you need to be successful. Conover Company has over 40 years of experience in assessing and teaching these critical skills.

How It Works:

  •  Register for the 3-part webinar series
  •  Attend the live, 1 hour webinars (or watch the replays)
  • Complete the required activities before and/or after each webinar
  • Receive a certificate once complete

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

4pm EDT/3pm CDT

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

4pm EDT/3pm CDT

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

4pm EDT/3pm CDT

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Order Summary
EQ Workshop

Are you an administrator or manager with 20+ staff? Please contact us for quantity discounts.

Meet Lisa


Lisa is a married, mother of two small children. She works at a middle school. as a science teacher. She is currently going to school to get her administration license to become a principal. She is dedicated and focused but can easily become overwhelmed by the demands placed on her by family, work and school. She struggles with her decision making and time management skills, which is holding her back from reaching her full potential.

She’s an extremely hard worker who could be a star performer if she could just improve in these two critical areas. According to her score on Change Orientation, she is aware of her lack of decision making and time management skills and is open to specific skill training in these two areas. Specific skill training would produce a star performer in a very short period of time.