The Bullying Prevention Program

Product Description

The Bullying Prevention Program doesn’t just treat the symptom, it treats the disease. It focuses on addressing the root cause of bullying by developing a healthy, or emotionally competent, personality. Personal needs are met and essential social/emotional skills are developed outside the bullying process. Our assessment tools assess the key social/emotional factors related to a healthy personality, then deliver targeted instruction to help individuals develop these critical success skills.

The Bullying Prevention Map™

Many approaches to bullying prevention focus on knowledge-based solutions, but statistically these don’t work because bullying is not a cognitive problem. It’s an emotional one. Our approach is different and provides evidence-based assessment tools for identifying the areas most in need of development and then before delivering proven skill interventions to help bolster these key social/emotional skills. The Bullying Prevention Map is the core assessment in our system and can even help identify individuals who might become part of the bullying cycle either as a bully (The Giver) or as a target of the bully (The Receiver) so you can provide intervention before an incident occurs. This is accomplished by helping users understand their own social/emotional needs and learning how to meet those needs in a positive way that does not violate their rights or the rights of others.


Bullying Prevention is part of the Conover Online software suite and uses a credits-based pricing system. You use these credits to deliver content to your users in Conover Online. Each assignment requires one credit. Credits never expire and can be used for any program within the Conover Online system. Credits start at just $5.00 each with quantity discounts available. With the purchase of credits, you also get access to a free Administrator account that includes powerful tools for managing user assignments and providing data and reports that are updated in real-time. There is no minimum number of credits required for purchase and no startup costs, so you only pay for what you will actually use. Click here to learn more about credits.


The Skill Enhancements

Interpersonal Assertion

Addresses how to effectively use direct, honest and appropriate expression of thoughts, feelings and behaviors in dealing with others.


Your level of satisfaction with your current attitudes, beliefs and general behavior. The Giver uses the bullying process to bolster feelings of inadequacy while The Receiver’s Interpersonal Deference is highly correlated to low levels of self-esteem.


The ability to sense, understand and accept another person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. A lack of empathy allows Givers to avoid negative effects of their bullying behavior


The ability to handle personal feelings and emotions in difficult life situations. This is a critical skill for both The Giver and The Receiver.


Includes the ability to proactively work through processes and activities and cause bottom-line results to happen.

Conflict Resolution

The process of resolving or finding a solution for some sort of disagreement, fight, or form of oppression. This is a critical skill for both The Giver and The Receiver.


Instructor-Led Course Option

You can take advantage of the 150+ videos from our Bully Prevention Program in an instructor-led format to teach these critical social/emotional skills using a projector, television or whiteboard. Learn more about Conover Resources.

More Information

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