Winning Colors®

Winning Colors is a way to identify the dominant behaviors of yourself and others. In minutes, you will learn what motivates people to act the way they do! Unlike most personality assessments, Winning Colors takes less than five minutes to grasp the principles of the process and begin enjoying the insights it brings.

The unique aspect of Winning Colors is that people are not stamped as a certain type, as other programs do. Instead they learn that they can develop situational behaviors that can positively change their lives. This expertise is essential for both leadership and team building. Why take hours to do what you can enjoyably accomplish in minutes?

The ultimate goal of Winning Colors is to enable you to immediately use the appropriate behaviors needed for the situation.

People who have learned these behavioral trends and how to identify them in the people with whom they work with will have a better understanding of what drives another person’s behavior and how to better work with that individual by avoiding conflict. Successful people have learned that all four behavioral trends are important to possess and understand in order to obtain a specific goal or objective

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