Anxiety Management

Product Description

The Anxiety Management Program is the latest product from Conover that focuses on helping individuals to recognize and overcome their problems with anxiety. Anxiety is a big problem in our society, and in our nation’s schools. (1 in 8 Children and 1 and 5 adults experience anxiety.) This is why having tools and techniques to manage your student’s/adults anxiety is so important. Read on to see how our Anxiety Management Program can provide benefits to your school or program.

The Anxiety Management Map

The Anxiety Management Map is an assessment that measures the competencies that go in to managing anxiety effectively. Users go through a through item analysis that lets them self-assess their level of Anxiety Management. Self-assessment is the most effective and efficient way to measure one’s ability to objectively manage anxiety. This assessment is age-appropriate, self-paced, and conducted in a non-threatening manner. The assessment then provides both administrators and users with comprehensive results that can be used to develop an action plan to improve the student’s anxiety management skills.

Skill Enhancements

Once users have an idea about how well they manage their anxiety and which areas they struggle with the most, they are ready for the next step, improving their anxiety management skills. We break Anxiety Management down into three main competencies:

Self-Control:  Self-control is all about users being in charge of their own feelings or emotions. It’s being able to deal with stressful situations in an assertive and positive manner. In The Anxiety Management Program users learn how to deal with the anxiety in the moment so that it doesn’t have the opportunity to take control.

Stress Management:  Stress Management is all about learning how to recognize, control, and eventually minimize the stress in everyday life. Stress is one of the principal triggers of anxiety. Learning how to manage stress in a healthy way is a huge first step to being able to manage anxiety effectively.

Physical Wellness: Physical Wellness is all about users taking care of their own physical well-being. This is often one of the most overlooked aspects to Anxiety Management, but it is one of the most important. Having a fit body that is able to deal with the tasks of living easily and that is resilient to the physical manifestations of stress and anxiety is key to anxiety management.


Credits are how you deliver content to your users. Credits never expire and can be used for any program within the Conover Online system. Credits start at just $5.00 (education) and $10.00 (corporate) per credit, with quantity discounts available.  Through your Administrator account,  you pay for only what you want your users to work on – so you only pay for what you use.  Click here to learn more about credits.

Instructor-Led Course Option

Now you can take advantage of our 100 plus motivational instructional videos from our Anxiety Management Program in an instructor-led format to teach critical soft skills for anxiety management. After completion of the course use the Anxiety Management Online version to assess participant knowledge and to issue a Conover Credential™ for Anger Management. Learn more about Conover Resources for Soft Skills

Research-Based Effectiveness

At the core of The Anxiety Management Program is an evidence-based assessment called The Anxiety Management Map, which is built off of our Personal Skills Map®. With 174 doctoral-level research papers, books and articles written on its effectiveness, a norm base of 35,000+ participants and over 9 million administrations, nothing else comes close in terms of credibility and validity.


More Information

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