The Importance of Special Needs Networking

There’s a saying that says, “If you’re not networking, soon you’ll be not working.” Today, I’d like to examine this from the perspective of a parent of a child with special needs. One of the major difficulties facing these parents in the past was finding a support group where ideas, [...]

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Thoughts on Android

I just returned home from the M-Enabling Summit, a global conference that focused on accessibility for aged populations and persons with disabilities. There was a lot of focus on apps, and in particular Android apps. People often ask The Conover Company if we have considered developing Android apps, and the short answer is yes. [...]

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Thoughts on Dedicated Devices

I just got back from the M-Enabling Summit in Washington DC, a global conference that focused on accessibility for aged populations and persons with disabilities. There were over 300 attendees from from over 30 countries, including representatives from some rather large companies (Apple, Microsoft, Research in Motion, IBM, and HTC to name a few). [...]

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Functional Skills for Success

The following is a guest post from Courtney, a Wisconsin educator who has worked with The Functional Skills System and believes in its value in the classroom. I am so impressed with the Conover Company's Functional Skills System. I had the opportunity to work with a young adolescent with his [...]

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