Functional Planning System

Visual Planning

Our Functional Planning System provides a visual approach to daily planning. Think of it as a cross between a video playlist and a calendar. Activities can be scheduled, alarms can be set, and step-by-step videos prompt the user through the completion of the activity. Videos for many activities are available via in-app purchase, with over 4,000 images and videos to choose from.


The Ultimate Prompting Tool

Mobile technology (like the iPad & iPod touch) has opened up whole new worlds of learning, whether it be at home, school, the workplace or the community. Our Functional Planning System makes it easy to prompt the user through the successful completion of his or her daily activities using this technology, and helps them to achieve their goals of freedom and independence.

Mobile Technology & Autism

Much research has been done recently about using mobile technologies to help support an Autistic users in their daily routines. Mobile devices are making it easier and easier for these user to achieve functional independence. The Functional Planning System is the perfect support system for an individual diagnosed with Autism. View the infographic to find out more about the recent research in this area.